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Researching Specific Niches: Identifying if it's A Profitable Market

Enter your niche into these tools in links below to see the search volume. If the search volume is over 50,000 it may be a little too competitive of a market to start your business in. This is no problem, just add a word to narrow your niche. For example, I do “Work from Home/ Remote Jobs information”. This was saturated in search volume and have higher-ranking sites like, wherein I couldn’t compete or rank for on my website, so I just added deeper value of my niche for myself. I have a disability and understood the need of remote jobs for a person like myself that has trouble commuting to work. So, I just added that to my niche. So, it became “Work from Home/ Remote Jobs information for the disabled” vs “Work from Home/ Remote Jobs information”. Wala!!!

Click on links and try these tools out.

Semsrush, ahrefs keyword generator, Surfer SEO chrome extension.

Make sure there is some search volume of at least 600 searches per month to get you started.

You have your niche and you are now ready to start your affiliate marketing business.

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