Types of Niches for The Pragmatist Type

This type prioritizes efficiency and logic, often viewing traditional heroes as naive or impractical. They may appreciate Lex Luthor's resourcefulness and willingness to take drastic measures to achieve his goals, even if they find his methods ruthless.

Now you’re in the thought box area of topics that may be intriguing or interesting to you, wherein your creative energy may flow…. This arch type may have niches in some topics below. Use some of these examples to create ideas for a particular niche that may interest you.

Security and Preparedness:

  • Home security systems and equipment: Offer solutions for home defense and monitoring, highlighting reliability and effectiveness.

  • Self-defense courses and equipment: Promote tactical training and practical tools for personal protection.

  • Survival gear and emergency preparedness kits: Emphasize practicality and durability for various situations.

  • Cybersecurity software and tools: Focus on data protection and threat prevention for individuals and businesses.

  • Tactical clothing and gear: Showcase functional apparel and equipment for outdoor activities and everyday preparedness.

Problem-Solving and Efficiency:

  • Productivity apps and tools: Promote software and systems that optimize workflows and boost efficiency.

  • Financial management tools and services: Highlight options for budgeting, investing, and managing finances effectively.

  • Time management and organizational resources: Offer methods and tools for streamlining schedules and maximizing time.

  • Home improvement and DIY tools: Recommend practical products and resources for fixing and maintaining homes.

  • Health and wellness trackers and devices: Focus on solutions for monitoring health metrics and optimizing habits.

Practical Skills and Knowledge:

  • Online courses and training programs: Promote programs related to self-defense, survival skills, firearms training, etc.

  • Books and manuals on practical topics: Offer guides on wilderness survival, tactical shooting, DIY repairs, etc.

  • Subscription boxes for gear and tools: Curate themed boxes with useful equipment for specific scenarios or hobbies.

  • Online communities and forums: Partner with communities focused on preparedness, DIY, or problem-solving.

  • Live events and workshops: Promote practical skill-building workshops on self-defense, firearms handling, etc.

Write down your ideas for the niche or niches you decide on.

Now it’s time for niche research.

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