Types of Niches for The Trickster Type

Drawn to characters who use cunning and wit to get ahead, they may relate to characters like Loki or Deadpool.

Now you’re in the thought box area of topics that may be intriguing or interesting to you, wherein your creative energy may flow…. This arch type may have niches in some topics below. Use some of these examples to create ideas for a particular niche that may interest you.

Entertainment and Playful Products:

  • Subscription boxes for gag gifts and pranks: Curate boxes with hilarious, unexpected items that cater to the mischievous spirit.

  • Board games and party games with a twist: Promote games that involve bluffing, trickery, and unexpected strategies.

  • Magic tricks and illusionist resources: Partner with magic shops or online tutorials to cater to the desire to amaze and deceive.

  • Comedy shows and stand-up specials: Offer access to live or online comedy performances known for their wit and playful subversion.

  • Streaming services with quirky and unexpected content: Promote platforms offering independent films, cult classics, or shows with offbeat humor.

Creative Tools and Self-Expression:

  • Art supplies and unconventional creative tools: Offer unique paints, mediums, or tools that encourage unorthodox artistic expression.

  • Cosplay costumes and props: Partner with costume shops or prop makers to cater to the desire to embody playful and mischievous characters.

  • Creative writing courses and prompts: Promote programs that encourage out-of-the-box storytelling and unconventional narratives.

  • Music software and instruments for unexpected sounds: Offer tools for electronic music production, unusual instruments, or unconventional sound libraries.

  • DIY crafting kits and projects with a twist: Recommend projects that involve upcycling, reimagining objects, or playful modifications.

Personal Services with a Dash of Deception:

  • Life coaching and consulting for unconventional goals: Partner with coaches who help clients achieve goals through unorthodox methods or embrace their inner trickster.

  • Personalized prank and surprise services: Offer customized pranks, elaborate scavenger hunts, or surprise deliveries for special occasions.

  • Cryptocurrency and alternative investment platforms: Promote platforms for playful investments, meme coins, or unconventional financial approaches (with appropriate disclaimers, of course).

  • Virtual reality experiences with immersive trickery: Offer VR games that involve manipulation, illusion, or outsmarting virtual adversaries.

  • Magic shows and illusionist workshops: Partner with magicians to offer private shows or workshops on sleight of hand, misdirection, and playful deception.

Write down your ideas for the niche or niches you decide on.

Now it’s time for niche research.

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